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  • Adopts automatic running method by sampling water pressure, in accordance with oil/water separator and pump running
  • Easy maintenance is achievable by displaying error codes and dirtiness of the detector
  • Continuous recording is achievable by storing memory card
  • Oil content only can be measured; no affection of SS (suspended solids) and surfactants
  • Dual alarm safety function is adopted; Alarm will be ON when oil content is over 15ppm
  • Automatic washing function for the detector (option)


Measuring principle Complete optical continuous measuring method
Running method Automatic running by sampling water pressure
Measuring interval Measuring sampling time, less than 1 sec.
Measuring range 0 to 30ppm
Measuring accuracy Less than ±5ppm (at display of 15ppm)
Measuring pressure 0.03 to 0.3MPa
Measuring water temp. 2 to 45degree C
Measuring flow rate 0.2 to 3L/min
Recorder output DC 4 to 20mA
Power requirement AC100V (other voltages available), 50/60Hz, less than 20VA
Dimensions 290(w)×375(h)×120(d)mm (with washing device)
Weight ca. 5.6kg (with washing device)
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